SURPAC Surveying Software 

 The SURPAC Software Installation Facility 

 SURPAC for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 - Version 5.74 


This version is a full SURPAC Suite comprising of the latest version, namely Version 5.74.

This download facility is designed for both existing and prospective Users who would like to download and install SURPAC. Prospective users who would like to evaluate SURPAC Software for a period of up to 30 days may use this facility to do so. Follow the instructions below, under the heading "Downloading and Installing SURPAC Software" to install SURPAC and to receive a temporary, 30 day License for evaluation..

Existing SURPAC Users (who have a current SMC) may make use of this facility to re-install SURPAC Software in cases where their original SURPAC installation CDs are lost, damaged or out of date for the current Windows operating system. Existing registered SURPAC Users wishing to make use of this download and installation facility must have a valid SURPAC Software Maintenance Contract (SMC), failing which a Security Access Code will not be issued.

Please note that if you are a registered SURPAC User, and you have a valid Software Maintenance Contract, you may Upgrade your existing SURPAC Software (without re-installing), by using the Software Upgrade facility, found on the Home Page.

NB : If you are in the U.K. and you want to make use of the OSTN02 and OSGM02 transformation data files used by SURPAC for the U.K. National Grid (OSGB36) and GPS National Grid (ETRS89) Co-ordinate Systems, then you will also need to download the file called "OSTN02.ZIP" (2.36 Mb).

SURPAC is normally installed into a Folder called "C:\Surpac Software"  (although this may be user set). Apart from the SURPAC application and its required ancillary files, this download installation will add a Sub-Folder called "C:\Surpac Software\Samples" in which a variety of sample data will be installed.

If you already have SURPAC Software (e.g. Windows 98/NT/2000/XP version) installed on your PC, then use the Windows Start --> Settings --> Control Panel -->Add/Remove Programs function to Remove (uninstall) the existing installation, before installing this version. Failure to do this may cause the new installation to become corrupt, or fail.

Before installing from this download :-

Ensure that the PC, or Laptop, complies with the recommended for SURPAC Software.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, use the Windows Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Personalization --> Display Settings  function to set the "Colors" to Highest (32 bit), and the "Resolution" to a minimum of 1024 X 768 pixels.

For Windows XP, use the Windows Start --> Control Panel --> Display --> Settings  function to set the "Colors" to Medium (16 bit), and the "Screen Resolution" to a minimum of 1024 X 768 pixels.

If you already have a version of SURPAC Software installed on the PC, then follow the steps outlined above to Remove (uninstall) the existing SURPAC Software.



   Downloading and Installing SURPAC Software (Version 5.74) 


By clicking on the button below, download the compressed SURPAC installation file called "Surpac Installation.exe". This file must be saved to any appropriate folder on your PC/Laptop. The size of this file is 99,008 Kb, and takes approximately 2 - 5 minutes to download, depending on the broadband, 3G or 4G connection speed.

When the downloading process is complete, use your computer's Windows Explorer to display the contents of the folder in which the above file was stored. Locate the file called "Surpac Installation.exe", and then double click its Icon. 

The installation programme will first extract the necessary files, and then display its setup screen.

Follow the installation (Set Up) prompts, as they are displayed. Installation should only take a few minutes. 

If you have recieved an e-mail from SURPAC Software for downloading and installing a License, then follow the instructions in this e-mail to install the two attached Security Access files, in order to activate your License. After this, reboot the computer and then run SURPAC.

If you are installing a temporary demonstration License for SURPAC Software, then follow the instructions below.

Important Information for obtaining a temporary Demonstration License  

  • If you are already a registered SURPAC Software User, and you have an existing Software Maintenance Contract, the necessary permanent Access Code will be provided after the normal 60 day period.

  • For full SURPAC Help information on the individual programmes, use the keyboard F1 special function key, once the application is running.

  • Before you can activate the downloaded application, you will need to e-mail SURPAC Software at to obtain the necessary security Access Files. In this e-mail you must provide your Name, Company and Telephone Number. Once this information is received and approved by us, you will be sent the security files for a temporary License. Attempting to run SURPAC before obtaining these security Access Files will cause this application to display an appropriate error message, and then abort.

    If you are installing SURPAC for the purpose of evaluation, a 30 day temporary License may be granted. After this period, the software will only be operable after entering an individual License Access Code. An Access Code will only be made available once a License has been purchased.


    NB : SURPAC Software remains the intellectual property of its author, K. W. Young, and is protected by South African and international Copyright and Trademark laws.  Any unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution of SURPAC Software, or any portion thereof, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.



          Click the Button below to download the SURPAC Version 5.74 Installation file :-  



      Transformation Data required by SURPAC for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 

      For South Africa  : Clarke 1880 (Modified) Ellipsoid to/from WGS 84 Ellipsoid Transformations     

    Unless it has already been downloaded (which includes Users who downloaded the above SURPAC Installation file on, or after, 01 October 2010), Users in South Africa need to download the Transformation Control files contained in the PKZIP Self-extracting file called "Surpac Control Files.exe", in order to carry out transformations between the Clarke 1880 (Modified) Ellipsoid and the WGS 84 Ellipsoid, that are included in SURPAC. 

    Please note that since 01 October 2010 this file has been included in the download of the SURPAC Installation file, mentioned above. It is no longer necessary to download this file. The download option below is for Users who may have downloaded the SURPAC Installation file prior to 29 May 2018.

      For the U.K. : Airy 1830 Ellipsoid (OSGB36) to/from WGS 84 Ellipsoid (ETRS89) Transformations 


    Users in the U.K. need to download the Transformation Data contained in the PKZIP file called "OSTN02.ZIP", in order to carry out transformations between the Airy 1830 Ellipsoid (OSGB36) and the WGS 84 Ellipsoid (ETRS89), that are included in SURPAC. These data are derived directly from the Ordnance Survey (U.K.) issued data.   (NB : If you have already downloaded this file, then it is not necessary to download it again.

    Once this file has been downloaded and saved, use PKZIP (or WinZip) to extract the compressed transformation files. When extracting, ensure that the Destination (Save To) Folder is set as "C:\Surpac Software", or the folder in which SURPAC for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 is currently installed.

        Click the Buttons below to download any required SURPAC Ancillary files :- 



    Click the image on the left to download the SURPAC Transformation Control Files. This self-extracting WinRAR File called "Surpac Control Files.exe" contains the necessary transformation control data to enable transformations between the Clarke 1880 (Modified) Ellipsoid and the WGS 84 Ellipsoid.

    These transformations are only applicable to South Africa.

    This file is 2,238 Kb in size. 

         (Last Updated on 29 May 2018)


    Click the image on the left if you want to download the OSTN02 and OSGM02 transformation data files used by SURPAC (for the U.K. National Grid (OSGB36) and GPS National Grid (ETRS89) Co-ordinate Systems only). 

    The file to be downloaded is called "OSTN02.ZIP".  

    These transformations are only applicable to the U.K.        

    This file is approximately 2,416 Kb in size. 




    Click the image on the left if you want to view, or download the "SURPAC Modifications.pdf" file. This document details all the SURPAC for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Upgrades made since January 2001. (Last Updated on 06 March 2019. This file is 18,209 Kb in size.)



    Download SURPAC User Manual Book 3 -  for Google Earth functions


    Click the image on the left if you want to view, or download the "SURPAC Software User Manual  Book 3.pdf" file. This manual contains detailed instructions for importing and exporting Points, Lines, Arcs, Circles, Polygons, Heights and Images between SURPAC and Google Earth, using KML files. (Last Updated on 02 April 2014). This file is 13,392 Kb in size.