SURPAC Surveying Software 

The Field Traverse Programme, showing intermediate calculations

  Field Traverse Calculations  




Calculates and adjusts a series of Traverse Points, using adjusted data extracted from a User defined SURPAC Observation File. 

Each Set-Up in the Traverse is oriented using one, or more, interior and/or exterior orientations. The T- t corrections are also applied. 

Traverse Distances are reduced for Scale Enlargement, Sea Level, Projection Factor and Slope. Vertical Angles  are corrected for Curvature and Refraction.

If observed, the mean of forward and back distances and vertical height differences are used.

Traverse may be 2D (Y, X) or 3D (Y, X, Z).

Three adjustment alternatives are offered to adjust the Traverse mis-closure.

The SURPAC Planimetric Least Squares Adjustment programme may also be used for computing Traverses.