SURPAC Surveying Software 

Converting OSGB36 System [E, N] values directly to WGS84 [Latitude, Longitude] values


    Transform between Airy 1830 and WGS 84 Ellipsoids (U.K.)


This set of Transformation programmes supports the following Systems and/or Ellipsoids :-

U.K. National Grid System, OSGB36,  using the Airy 1830 Ellipsoid,

U.K. National GPS Network, ETRS89, using the WGS 84 (GRS80) Ellipsoid,

Universal Transverse Mercator, UTM,  using Various Ellipsoids.

Algorithms and shift data provided by the U.K. Ordnance Survey, and are fully OSTN02 and OSGM02 enabled. In order to use these transformations, however, the files called “OSTN02.DAT” (for Eastings, Northings) and “OSGM02.DAT” (for heights) must exist in the SURPAC application folder. If not, they may be downloaded from the SURPAC Internet site. The following transformations are available :-

U.K. National Grid System, OSGB36, to the U.K. National GPS Network, ETRS89

U.K. National GPS Network, ETRS89, to the U.K. National Grid System, OSGB36

Geographical [Latitude, Longitude] (WGS 84) to to the U.K. National Grid System, OSGB36.