SURPAC Surveying Software 

Level Observation File showing a set of Precise Levelling Left and Right Observed values


  Level Observation File Loading/Editing


This programme Loads and/or Edits Level Observation Files, which are used for input Data in the Level Network Least Squares Adjustment Programme. 

Level Observation File Data are required to be in the format :-

Point Name

Left Back Sight

Left Fore Sight

Right Back Site (Optional, only used for precision Levelling)

Right Fore Site (Optional, only used for precision Levelling)

The Point Description Code is a simple value, 1 through 9, which allows the selected application to identify the function of each Data Line 

The Point Name is used to differentiate between Fore Sight, and an Intermediate Sight. If the first two characters of a Point Name are "I-", then the sight is considered to be an Intermediate Site.

Data input into a Level Observation File is by either :-

Direct Downloading from a Total Station or an Electronic Logger,

The currently supported Total Stations and/or Electronic Loggers are :-

The Psion Organiser using the "Handi-Data Solutions Levels" ASCII File,

The Psion Workabout, using the "Handi-Data Solutions Levels" ASCII File,

The Leica/Wild GIF 10  Digital Level

The Sokkia SDL Power Level

Downloading from a variety of ASCII file formats,

Copying from the Windows Clipboard,

by Manual Data entry.

Once an Observation File has been generated, various editing/printing functions are available, such as :-

Manually modifying, or Deleting, Data Lines,

Using the Windows "Cut and Paste" to move blocks of Data around the File,

Manually Adding or Inserting new Data Lines,

Printing the Observation File in "Field Book" format,

Creating an ASCII file of the Data,

Sending the Data to the Windows Clipboard.