SURPAC Surveying Software 

The POLAR Programme, using Observation File data and showing Options, Printed Pages and the Calculator




Manual Input, or direct reduction from a SURPAC Observation File

Plane Data Calculations :-

2D [Hor. Direction & Distance] providing [Y, X] values

3D [Hor. Direction, Slope Distance & Vertical angle] providing [Y, X, Z] values

Field Data Calculations :-

2D [Oriented Direction, Reduced Distance] providing [Y, X] values

3D [Oriented Direction, Reduced Distance & Height Diff] providing [Y, X, Z] values

Each Set-Up in the defined Observation File is oriented using one or more orientation observations, and the T- t corrections are applied. Distances are reduced for Scale Enlargement, Sea Level, Projection Factor and Slope. Vertical Angles  are corrected for Curvature and Refraction.

Calculation may be in Normal, Radial or Sequential Polar mode.